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About Us


The Germantown Arts District supports and contributes to the creative ecosystem of Germantown by partnering and collaborating with local artists and arts-based organizations and businesses. We believe in the societal benefit of empowering creativity. Since the beginning of time, artists have created and contoured society, history, and politics with their messages. We know creativity is important to our well-being and a crucial aspect of our humanity. When we understand creativity as a soft skill and work to integrate it into our daily lives, its impact is that much more inspiring. Our organization takes that information a step further to encourage all people to embrace and examine their individual creative identity by fostering environments conducive to this type of exploration.


Germantown, Philadelphia is a predominantly Black neighborhood steeped in a rich history of rebellion and emancipation, in which the arts have always played an important role. Through the establishment of the Germantown Arts District, we will continue to build upon and find new, creative ways to share this narrative. Each project we work on will invite new opportunities for partnership and collaboration with local artists and arts organizations, which in turn will continue to grow and further amplify this message. 


In partnership, we aim to develop needed enhancements along the business corridor including, but not limited to: arts district signage and markers for businesses, additional public spaces for viewing and/or creating art, and regularly scheduled offerings such as arts and craft fairs and markets. While our aim is for this work to be inclusively beneficial for everyone in the greater Philadelphia arts community, we are focused on and interested in developing new creative opportunities in Germantown, in particular. Our work will also include programming and opportunities that engage youth & creative entrepreneurs. 


Overall, we believe that as a result of these sustained efforts we will be able to foster an influx of foot traffic and tourism to the district, increase the quality of life for Germantown residents and business owners, and ultimately achieve a renewed sense of place and purpose for Germantown within the larger Philadelphia arts community.

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Our Story

The Germantown Arts District (GAD) is a non-profit organization that works with artists to produce works throughout the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. This is accomplished by establishing and maintaining the Germantown Arts District through a vibrant and sustainable business model based on partnerships and collaborations with local artists and arts organizations.

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Our Vision

To legitimize and increase the visibility of the Germantown Arts District while strengthening its connection to the larger Philadelphia arts community. Working to recognize the district’s continued accomplishments with our annual Germantown Arts Festival and highlight our connection to commerce through Fourth Friday events.

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